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Welcome To The Luminous Alliance Home Page! MapleStory !

This website is available for free to all MapleStory Alliance members. To keep it that way please -->

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Luminous is a semi-friend based, active, friendly Alliance. We have merchants, bossers, power-levelers, Hene-Hoes, and the people that sit at HQ 24/7. Although it’s not easy to join, you can check out our Recruiting Policies if you’re interested in applying or just curious.


Before going first in a trade, always check the Scammer List to see if your trader is legit. Message our guild management if you think someone is wrongly placed on the list or if you’d like to add someone to the list. (Evidence Required)


ALL questions on gui;d policies and complaints on guild members should be reported your own guild management ONLY.


Our Guild/Alliance HQ is at Channel 5, Free Market Room 5. Feel free to drop by and check us out; someone’s always there. Happy Mapling~

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